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Fancy letter balloon
Fancy letter balloonFancy letter balloon

Fancy letter balloon

Wholesale: $9.95

Fancy number balloons come with tassels or tails and a paper straw. 

Balloon size 16cm inflated. Can only be filled with air.

Please allow up to a week for delivery.

If you choose the inflated option we will heat seal your balloon.
If inflated balloon is kept in direct sunlight for a long period of time - this may effect the inflation of the balloon.

We recommend ordering them 2 weeks before your event.

If you are blowing up your own balloon follow these instructions for the best result.

To blow up your ballon you will need a balloon pump.

Onto the how to: To start, find a friend.
One of you blows up the balloon, the other pinches the end once it is inflated. 
Twist & knot. If using this method we recommend inflating the balloon on the day of your event.

Air will very slowly leak from the knot. Depending on your skills, the balloon will stay inflated for 2 days to 2 months.

If you are ordering from outside Australia we will not be able to inflate your balloon - it will need to be sent flat.

Please let us know your colour choices for the fancy bits and the date of your event

Balloon Colour
Additional Options
Tassel colour option

Not available for Wholesale Purchase